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Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

We had to look at different ways of doing different steps in the Spendable process. One particular moment that stood out was when we were testing how to represent a transaction statement.

Transaction statements are normally line after line of words, weird company names and numbers and a lot of people barely read them. People really responded positively to banking apps that had better information about the businesses that the transactions were made at. An even more positive response was made when the interface has colour and includes the business logo.

The same people liked the process of tagging a photo as evidence of the transaction and capturing the receipt all in one place to reference later on. The pictures seemed to give more context to the purchase and even served as a conversational link between the person and their family, friends and their support workers. It was great to have people explaining their purchasing decisions and showing them off through the app when discussing them with others.

After seeing the success of the photo tagging process we tested a social media style display which turned the transaction details and photos into an instagram style post. The response to this is great because it gives a photobook journal of the things they have been spending on, it gives a sense of pride and accountability to users and it is a great way to start conversations.

The conversations that these visuals are sparking are amazing. It makes it more engaging to connect with the user. Like imagine asking “What was your favourite cafe?” and they can scroll back and show you and have a bit of a discussion about what they ordered, is the price reasonable, why they chose that etc.

The photos on the transactions serve many key safety and accountability functions but if it can create relevance for our users and stimulate conversations and interests then we really will have achieved something valuable.

Disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of all payment types that disabled people/a person with disability would face. It might be a similar situation to the one you face or it might be completely irrelevant. Either way it comes from a real person that has challenged us to solve it for them.

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Spendable is here to support the niche transactions encountered by people with disability

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Spendable is here to support the niche transactions encountered by people with disability